TooLee. All about babies and kids


This TooLee word comes from the real life scenario and the true story behind this brand name includes crisis, emotions, unity, playful and a remarkable childhood. There was a time when learning English language was a big deal, only rich people could afford their children to study in English medium school. However few insights came out to be like -

A)English language is just a part of communication, gradually it does not pay much role in life & even


B) School learning has also been developed to make human realize about being human.

These insights and factual was proved by that little girl Toolee about 2 decades ago back in 1999. She was our neighbor, her family with an old father, mother and a younger brother used live in next premise in rent. I still remember how she lived actually survived with her honesty and innocent tearful eyes having an all time smile in her face. She studied till class 6 and after that she started doing housekeeping jobs. She used to come to our house also, she was like a part of our family for those every moment she was in our family. She was passionate about dance, mehndi and cooking but she could not persist. She is a great human, without going to school she reached a superior level of courtesy, behavior and kindness. So I can remember her and the things I learned from her in my childhood. I used to tease her and never realized those abundant learning I already experience.

Who does not love kids? I believe mostly among us like babies and kids who are likely to play around with them and being emotional, I never wanted to see things I saw in my childhood and that’s where I thought about finding an institute or an organization which can help parents and children with resources and grow their children like they always dream of.